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Should you sell t shirts without inventory in 2023?

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Establishing a start-up t shirt business is not as complicated as some people think, especially if you want to start small and watch it grow from there. This trade does not really require you to have specializations or niche knowledge and can also be a lucrative business in the long run. It’s also the perfect industry for creatives who want to sell their unique designs straight to potential customers. 

What might surprise you, however, is that you can run a t shirt business without having to do inventory yourself. Find out below why this is the perfect call for your business.

Why you should consider this production method

Selling t shirts without inventory simply means that you’ll be outsourcing mostly your production process to another business. The final decisions on the designs and other logistics still depend on you.

Here are a few production steps you can assign externally if you start to sell t shirts without inventory:

  • Sourcing of materials/fabrics – You don’t have to personally worry about the shirt’s fabric, color, and sizes. Materials and other specific details on your product will be sourced from high-quality suppliers for you.
  • Printing method – Choose which printing method you want for your products, whether it’s screen printing or another process. Each printing method has its own perks.
  • Final packing and delivery – You can also opt to outsource your packing and delivery system. 

You don’t have to find different contacts for all of these services. Top t shirt printing businesses in the country usually offer all of these to their clients, like Ready Aim Print. But why exactly should you sell t shirts without inventory? 

1. Lets you focus on building your brand identity

Without having to worry about the production process, you can prioritize building a solid identity for your brand. 

Brand identity: The most popular and memorable brands in the world prioritized their identity and figured out how to get it across to their audience. Think of Nike and Supreme Streetwear. Their products are easily recognised which lets returning and new customers remember their brand. The vision of your t shirt business gets communicated to your potential buyers through your brand identity so don’t sacrifice this factor.

Marketing strategy: Know who your audience is and create your marketing strategy from there. Some of the most common and effective methods are social media and email marketing. Use your social media platforms and establish a constant online presence on various popular apps. You can also create an email list of different sites to reach out to.

Pick a niche: In line with your market research, it’s better if you start with a specific niche for your t shirt business. Knowing your niche means knowing who your customers are and how you can sell your products to them. Consider this niche in your business’s pricing and designs.

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2. You can use your resources for other priorities 

If you handle your t shirt business inventory, you have to personally oversee supplies, production, and packaging. Outsourcing these to another t shirt printing business means you don’t have to worry about the physical space and storage of your products. Additionally, logistics won’t take too much of your resources and you can prioritize other aspects of your business. Simply create your custom t shirt designs, place an official order, and send them over for printing!

3. Gives you more time with your selling platform

Whether it’s a physical shop or online, selling t shirts without inventory means that you have more time to focus on purchases and reaching out to regular and new customers. And with the advent of online shops over the past decade, selling your product straight to the consumer has been made easier and more convenient. 

Selling your t shirts on popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram widens your reach for more people to see your products. You can also create your own website that effectively shows off your brand to potential buyers. This is also another perfect way to build your community and establish regulars.

4. Convenient and collaborative

The t shirt industry is a competitive market but it doesn’t mean you have to do all the work by yourself. You’re not managing less, you’re simply reaching out to another business to speed up your production process. Outsourcing in the t shirt industry also gives you access to more experts and specialists who have made a career in this specific trade.

Budget and profitability: What you should know

One of the main reasons why the t shirt business is a booming industry is its easy entry point in terms of budget and profit margins. Some t shirt business owners even claim that you can start with only about $300 but your budget really depends on a few factors.

In order to kick off your t shirt business, here are the important factors you should invest on with your business budget when you sell t shirts without inventory:

  • Online Store: It’s easier to start your t shirt business if you take it online. You can use social media platforms but your brand establishes its identity stronger if you have a domain or website. Consider setting a budget for domain hosting and web design and navigation.
  • Outsourcing budget: Instead of setting a budget for your inventory, you’ll simply set aside a budget for outsourcing. Figure out your final order like how many t shirts will you be requesting? What t shirt sizes will you offer? What type of printing method/s will you use?

Fabric and your chosen printing methods are also important things to consider when placing your final order. Fabrics such as cotton, polyester, linen, and even poly-cotton blend don’t have the same price range. You should also consider how your designs get printed onto the fabric, whether it’s screen printing, Direct to Garment, embroidery, or other methods.

In 2022, the worldwide value of the t shirt business industry is valued at about $38 billion and it’s expected to grow by 5% every year. While this is a general statistic, the industry already proves that it’s a profitable investment when done right, even for small business owners. You can even see a profit a month into your t shirt business endeavor.

Product: How to create good quality t shirts

In just about any trade, the two things to consider are pricing and product quality, even when you outsource t shirt production. You should be able to produce good quality t shirts without them being too costly, whether you sell t shirts without inventory or not. Remember that you’re yet to establish a reputation in the t shirt trade so don’t sacrifice the quality of your products.

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So what makes a good t shirt, exactly? Here are the main priorities in a t shirt business:

1. Design 

What is a t shirt business without custom designs? This is where the creativity aspect comes in. When you’re creating t shirt designs, don’t forget to show your brand identity as well. There are also a lot of design software or tools to help you with your ideas. One of the most popular is Adobe Photoshop.

2. Material/Fabrics

As mentioned above, the most commonly used fabrics in t shirts are cotton, poly-cotton blend, and linen. Look into these materials and see which type will fit your design and brand. But you can also opt for multiple fabrics so your buyers will have more choices in their purchases.

3. Printing Methods

T shirt printing costs do not just depend on design and material. You also have to get a quote on your orders depending on the printing method you choose. This is because each method has a different process. For instance, Direct to Garment uses vibrant inks while embroidery uses needle and thread. Here are the three most common t shirt printing methods:

Screen Printing: This is the most affordable option, especially for large orders. Your custom t shirt designs get printed on the fabric with vibrant inks. Not only is it budget-friendly, this method also creates durable and long-lasting custom prints.

Direct to Garment (DTG): Using digital printing, DTG means faster printing without sacrificing the smallest details of your custom t shirt design. This way, you can deliver orders at a faster rate. DTG also prints t shirt designs in full resolution.

Embroidery: Your custom designs will be digitized and programmed into the embroidery machine. This printing method creates a textured look to your t shirts, which makes your designs more classic and polished.

4. Stitching quality

While your t shirt design matters greatly, take time to still look into the details of your product. This includes stitching quality which can take your t shirts from pretty good to great. Stitching quality has different styles and dimensions, both for aesthetics and utility purposes. How long your t shirts will last from wear and tear is also affected by stitching quality. 

Sell t shirts without inventory: Ask Ready Aim Print for a quote!

Yes, an inventory is not a necessity for a t shirt business. You can outsource your production and delivery to businesses that are already in the t shirt printing industry, like Ready Aim Print. Simply send in your designs, ask for a quote, and wait for your custom t shirts! After the printing process, your orders will be packed in poly bags before they get shipped off and delivered. 

With Ready Aim Print, getting your business off the ground is now easier. Ready to sell t shirts without inventory? Give us a call and get a quote to see how we can work within your budget!

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