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Custom Apparel with Private Label Somerville MA

Private Label or Branded apparel refers to clothing and accessories that bear a company’s name, logo, or other identifying mark. These items are typically sold as part of a larger product line, and are often used as a marketing tool to promote your company or your products. Branded apparel can include t-shirts, hats, jackets, and other items of clothing, as well as bags, keychains, and other accessories.

This typically entails the use of stylish or higher-quality clothing, advanced printing methods, and personalized labeling or relabeling. Almost typically, a woven label installation or a custom inside neck print are used to formally brand private label clothing. Brands may also request additional services, such as the application of a print finish, folding and poly bagging of goods, or the application of woven labels to cuffs or hems.

If you are looking for private label services in Somerville MA, Ready Aim Print is here to help you get your desired custom apparel!

Why Choose us for your Private Label?

There are several advantages in private labeling:


Private labeling allows you to create your own brand and build a loyal customer base. Showing your logo in professional clothing and apparel will help promote your brand.

Cost savings

Private labeling can be more cost-effective than developing and producing a product from scratch. We can help you produce your clothing brand or other apparel in a more cost effective way than doing it yourself.


Private labeling allows for more flexibility in terms of product design and packaging. We can discuss the design you want in your product.

Control over the supply chain

Private labeling allows you to have more control over the supply chain, which can help to ensure quality and consistency. Here at Ready Aim Print, we can guarantee you with the best quality being one of the best private label companies in Somerville Massachusetts. 

Better margins

Private labeling can result in better profit margins as you are buying the products at wholesale prices and selling them at retail prices. You will save a lot when you let us help you do you private label products.

Faster Time to market

By using an existing product, you can quickly bring a new product to market. We can easily help you get your product up and running in no time.


Private labeling allows for customization of product packaging, branding, and labeling. There are plenty of options with customization you can choose from with our private labeling service.


Private labeling enables your company to differentiate yourself from competitors by offering unique products. Having your label in your unique apparel can help you make your brand memorable.

How do we do it?

Screen printed tag is most popular way to brand your clothing. Your clothes’ internal screens are used to print these neck label tags. Due to their improved wash fastness, these tags are superior to the industry standard heat-transfer tags.

Woven Labels

These tags are typically attached behind the neck tape or sewed to the hem or sleeve of a shirt. Traditionally, woven labels have been used to specify sizes or simply to display a brand’s logo. This embellishment helps to establish a garment as “boutique-worthy” or “retail-quality.”

For private label clothing installations, there are two typical uses:

  1. Traditional Center-fold Woven Label – a folded, clasping label that is normally sewed across the top and fastened to the sleeve or bottom of clothing.
  2. Box-Stitched Woven Label: For installation, a square or rectangular label is stitched along all four edges to form a box.


Print Finish

Print finish enhances washability and smoothes out print texture for a more upscale appearance. There are two ways to apply print finishes:

  1. Finishing Teflon Print – Your print becomes more shiny and smoother as a result of this effect. Additionally, this finish enhances washability.
  2. Print Finish: Matte – This effect allows the print to smooth out, soften a little, and lose some of its overall brilliance while also making it more washable.


Fold, Poly bag, and Unit Label

Your clothing will be folded and put in a transparent plastic (“poly”) bag as part of this service. This safeguards your clothing and prepares your goods for delivery to customers.

The poly bags are sealed with unique unit labels. These labels can be made specifically for you and come in a variety of details. They might be straightforward—only a size indication—or comprehensive—a brand name, the name of the design, the size, the URL, etc. This finishing touch has become a common practice for many garment lines and is a terrific solution for easier inventory management.


Hang Tags

Using hang tags is a great method to trademark your clothing line, stand out in retail settings, and project a professional image. Our hang tags come in a variety of sizes and are printed digitally in full color.


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